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Black Dads In The U.S.
according to the census

Did You Know


The Three-Fifths compromise of 1797 was designed to ensure that the counting of slaves would not be fully represented in the U.S. Census.

8.2 Million Black Dads

According to a report on Men’s Fertility and Fatherhood (2014) by the U.S. Census there are 8.2 Million Black (only) fathers in the U.S. It is hard to fathom that ALL of these dads are absent, however that is what the societal narrative would lead you to believe.

1 in 10

One in 10 black children has a parent behind bars

Understanding Black Statistics
resources for knowing the facts about BLACK DADS

No BS (Bad Stats):

Black People Need People Who Believe in Black People Enough Not to Believe Every Bad Thing They Hear about Black People 

Dr. Ivory Toldson

What if everything you thought you knew about Black people generally, and educating Black children specifically, was based on BS (bad stats)? We often hear things like, “Black boys are a dying breed,” “There are more Black men in prison than college,” “Black children fail because single mothers raise them,” and “Black students don’t read.” In No BS, Ivory A. Toldson uses data analysis, anecdotes, and powerful commentary to dispel common myths and challenge conventional beliefs about educating Black children. With provocative, engaging, and at times humorous prose, Toldson teaches educators, parents, advocates, and students how to avoid BS, raise expectations, and create an educational agenda for Black children that is based on good data, thoughtful analysis, and compassion. No BS helps people understand why Black people need people who believe in Black people enough not to believe every bad thing they hear about Black people.

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